New Year’s Day Superstitions

Okay so in the south people are known for their superstitious behavior around new years … many say they just want to have a good year.

Number three, if you want money in the new year, make sure you have extra cash in your pocket at the strike of midnight or you will be broke in 2013.

Everyone knows you better eat plenty of collard greens and of course eat plenty of black-eyed peas, for both money and luck.  The 12 grapes of luck are also very popular!  Spaniard tradition says if you eat a grape with each bell strike leading to midnight, you will have good luck in the twelve months of the year!

Your future in romance may involve the type of panties you wear! The top two romantic superstitions come from the Spanish, if love is what you’re after, ring in 2013 wearing your sauciest red undies.

But if you want to attract a mate wearing yellow underwear backwards will do that trick!  And the number one bizarre superstition…

Avoid eating poultry! Since chickens scratch at their food, it’s believed that eating the bird will cause you to “scratch around” for your meals all year long. And well, you don’t want that!


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