1. Interlochen is our Favorite Christmas Lights Display

Interlochen is just, well, it’s a lot to take in. Nearly every home is decorated, and they aren’t decorated in the “oh, that’s pretty” sort of way. The homeowners here go all-in. All-out. They just… all.

“Just the sheer number of houses makes it totally different from the other neighborhoods I’ve driven through,” said homeowner Jim Began.

What I love about Interlochen’s display is each home is unique.

“We wanted to live here because of the lights display and the chance to do what everyone else is doing,” said Began.

They have a lot of heart, and most are decorated by the homeowners, not professional lighting designers. Clearly, a lot of thought goes in to each home. Interlochen1

Creativity: 5 Gold Rings

Plan to spend some time in the neighborhood. You can’t just pop in and out.

It flows pretty good, but it’ll be bumper to bumper,” said Began.

Interlochen has become a north Texas tradition. Police will be out there directing traffic. Streets will be blocked off. It’s really well planned out.

Organization: 5 Gold Rings

The specific route that you have to follow isn’t huge on the map, but more than 200 homes participate.

Size: 4 Gold Rings

Here’s the kicker, unlike other lights displays in north Texas, Interlochen is free.

Price: 5 Gold Rings

In our officially, unofficial top five list, Interlochen comes in at number one.


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