Made in Texas

Pizza Ovens Dish Out Authentic Tasting Italian Food

Renato Pizza 1

Texans are proud of their products, and many take pride buying something they know was made in Texas.  But often times the best items may be made in Texas, but were inspired by someone and some place far away from the Lone Star State.

It doesn’t take long to recognize Renato Riccio isn’t exactly from Texas, or even the United States.

Riccio speaks with a thick Italian accent as he talks about his favorite meal.

“My favorite type of pizza is the classic pizza which is called Margherita,” said Riccio.

Riccio loves pizza because he has made a career out of making pizza ovens.

“We are the premiere U.S. manufacturer of pre-fabricated wood burning brick pizza oven,” said Riccio, owner of Renato Ovens, Inc.

Press PLAY to watch the entire episode of “Made In Texas.”


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