Cuban Revolution’s Look at 2012

Welcome to the last The Cuban Revolution segment of 2012! A perfect time to reflect on the year gone by. Here are some of the major news events of 2012 events that Rocked The Revolution! Drumroll Please!

The presidential election. This one was historic in the number of Social Media nut jobs that came out of the wood-work. It did not matter who you supported. The trolls were after you! Calm down people! It’s only the President! There will be another one. We can troll each other gain in only four more years.

This was the year of Sandy and that’s not a good thing. Between Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook Elementary School, there was no shortage of grieving in America. If there can ever be an upside to these tragic events, there was also no shortage of heroes and human compassion.

This was the Year Of Penn Sate Football. As a Penn State alumnus, I can tell you it was for all the wrong reasons. The Jerry Sandusky Scandal rocked the Penn State community, the nation, and the world bringing the once mighty football program to its knees. I’ve met Jerry Sandusky. Can you see a dark soul? I couldn’t. The banality of evil is real. The victims were real. Jerry is paying with this freedom. The victims paid with their innocence. There are other Jerry Sandusky’s out there. I cringe at the thought.

The Facebook IPO. Overpriced and overhyped. Facebook takes itself public and people take a bath. What does it mean for us end users? Facebook will find every possible way to take every piece of data we place on their site and turn it into money. I’m not complaining. The site is free. They have to make a buck off us somehow. You don’t want your data monetized, advertised and exploited? Don’t use Facebook. Write a letter. Make a phone call. Go see a real shrink instead telling everyone on Facebook your most intimate problems. Old school.

The London Olympics. Here is what I have to say about the London Olympics. Nada! Zilcho!. Nothing. I did not watch one event. Not one moment. I just didn’t care. I yearn for the days of the “Miracle On Ice” and The Red Curtain versus USA amateur basketball. Tear Down The Wall! Is that un-American? Maybe. I don’t care. Quit using professional athletes and I may care again.

The lame Mayan Apocalypse that never happened. Thank god that whole marketing theme and meme generator is over! It was apocalypse OD! On second thought, I’m not complaining. I cleaned up at end of the world garage sales. You can’t have that 60-inch big scree back. As PT Barnum said, there is an apocalypse sucker born ever minute. Ok, I admit it. He never said that…

Felix Baumgartner. Here’s a dude who did a free fall jump from outer-space just for the hell of it. Forget football stars. Forget movie stars. This guy can walk into any nightclub and get the girl over any of them. Except maybe George Clooney. With all due respect to David Bowie, Felix is truly the man who fell to earth and lived to tell about it. He’s the man! I need a Red Bull!


1 Comment to “Cuban Revolution’s Look at 2012”

    Sonja said:
    December 28, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    Like the way you summed this up with honesty and humor.

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