Think you’re Pregnant? Your Googlechondriac Questions Answered

Four million babies are born every year in the United States–and even more women are convinced their pregnant when they’re really not–they probably Googled their symptoms.

“As a female doctor”, Dr. Hania Alaidroos of Arbor Green Family Clinic in Dallas, TX said, “I get women actually quite often concerned that they might be pregnant.”

Click PLAY to watch this edition of “Googlechondriac.”

For women who Google pregnancy these are the symptoms they find: mood swings, headaches, back pain and going to the bathroom a lot.

Dr. Alaidroos said many women automatically think baby.

“Women will come in concerned because they’ve been vomiting and they may be concerned that they may be pregnant.”

And there is no such thing as a little pregnant.  You’re either pregnant or you’re not.  Dr. Alaidroos said you can forget about most of those generic symptoms and focus on this:

“Hard, fast symptoms that you’re pregnant are if you have not had your period a week out from the date when you would normally expect it on and you’ve had unprotected sex.”

Of course that would be the cause, not a symptom. There, one less thing for you to Google.

Dr. Alaidroos said that if you really want to know if you’re pregnant, take a urine test.

“We recommend checking an early morning or first specimen of the day versus waiting later in the day.”

Again, timing is everything.


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