Cool Jobs

Making A Living By Talking Really Fast

Auctioneer 2

Cool jobs come in all different forms and require all types of different talents, but to be an auctioneer the talent required is to talk really, really fast.

Sharon Pope’s office is the back of her pickup truck.  No desk, no computer, no water cooler or copy machine, just a microphone and about 60 vehicles to be sold on a this cool Thursday morning in Garland, Texas.

“It all started as a dare,” says Sharon Pope with Joe Pippin Auctioneers.

Pope began her career nearly 30 years ago working for the city of Dallas doing auctions, at one point going to auction school to master the craft of auctioneering.

“What you do is you count, day in and day out.   You count numbers and they’ll throw a number at you and you start up,” said Pope.  “They teach you breathing lessons, how to breathe and talk fast.  All the fastness, all the canter comes later, it really does.”

When she first started, she wasn’t immediately accepted into a world that is dominated by men.

“A couple of times they would say, ‘Oh, you’re no good, get off the stage,’ and I’d say, ‘Alright, you get up here, you try it.’  And after that, they kind of left me alone,” said Pope.

Press PLAY to watch the full story.


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