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Washington National Cathedral to Allow Gay Weddings

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Gay Weddings at the Washington National Cathedral.

The Washington National Cathedral will soon host same-sex weddings. The announcement came Wednesday on the church’s website. It says “we enthusiastically affirm each person as a beloved child of God”

Same-sex marriage became legal in Washington DC in 2010.

The cathedral hasn’t gotten any reservations yet, according to spokesman Richard Weinburg, but you can expect the calendar to fill up. The nation’s most prominent church is also one of the most opulent. If there’s one thing the gays like, it’s gettin’ fancy.

Gay Engagement Questions

With gay marriage now legal in nine states, more couples are getting engaged, and their friends and family have a lot of questions.

“People are very curious and so are we, because we don’t know how it works when two dudes get engaged,” say fiances Billy and Pat, on their YouTube vlog.

The couple started up the vlog to answer those questions. They’re planning to post throughout the year.

Main Event Discrimination Complaint

Two gay men, Alberto Lesmes and Chad Hemp, say they were kicked out of the Plano Main Event Entertainment Center because they are a couple.

The Dallas Voice reports a manager told the couple Main Event is a family place and two gay men aren’t a family. When they asked to move lanes, the men claim the manager called them a problem, and asked them to leave.

“People in our community are always going to have to stand up and say we don’t appreciate you saying that. We want an apology. We want something done. We want employees trained so we’re not treated like that when we go out in public,” said Anna Waugh, who reported the story for the Dallas Voice.

Main Event issued a statement late Wednesday, Main Event says “Our preliminary investigation reveals that there was no effort to discriminate.”

“We were disheartened to hear that some of our guests did not enjoy their visit to Main Event Entertainment recently,” said Amy Johnson, spokeswoman for Main Event Entertainment. “We work very hard to create a positive experience and we are disappointed anytime that a member of our Main Event family is not completely satisfied.”


Thursday, Main Event Entertainment sent a second statement, saying claims of discrimination are “blatantly false.” Main Event claims the couple was not asked to leave, and “staff made every effort to accommodate the guests’ needs.” It also says that a review of video footage, register transactions, and employee interviews show the couple remained at the location’s bar after they were refunded their bowling fees.

Click this link for the full release from Main Event Entertainment


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    Pat said:
    January 10, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    Thanks so much for highlighting our "getting married" vlogs. We really hope people — gay or straight — find them informative and entertaining. You can view them all at

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