Scammers Impersonating Soldiers on Dating Websites

Soldier ScamYou’re going online looking for love, and you find a guy dressed like a soldier. You’re already thinking, “A+ for the military guy.”

He says he’s station in Afghanistan or somewhere overseas. That works out great for a scammer. He never has to see you in person. Problem is, you never get to see him, either.

You begin to create a relationship with this guy. Eventually, he starts asking you for money. Maybe his computer’s broken, and he needs money to fix it. Maybe he says he wants to use the money to come see you. The whole thing plays on your relationship.

Problem is, the guy you’re talking to is not the guy in the pictures.

Scammers are stealing pictures from real military men and posting them online, to try to entrap people.

“Anytime you put pictures of yourself out there,  or have your name or birth date or any types of this information, it’s vulnerable to having identity thieves,” said David Beasley, of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

“Certainly, people will be moving, in masses online to look for love, and we just ask that consumers be cautious and, especially, anytime you’re sending money to somebody you’ve never met in person,” said Beasley.


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