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Are Coming Out Speeches Necessary?


jodiefosterComing Out

Sunday night, actress Jodie Foster ‘came out’ at the Golden Globes. Kind of.

In the somewhat confusing speech, she went on to talk about privacy and why she doesn’t need to give a big coming out speech.

This, of course, was during her big ‘coming out’ speech.

She joins a list of actors who have come out in a more flippant tone than Ellen’s big announcement back in the 90′s.

It has some asking if, in modern-day America, ‘coming out’ is really such a big deal.

UK Discrimination

We’ve all heard religious conservatives say that the gay rights movement is trampling on their civil rights, right?

Well, in Britain, a court says, too bad.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against two British Christians, who claimed their religious beliefs entitled them to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Dallas Mayor

It’s two steps forward and one step back for Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings.

Last week, the city of Dallas came out with an ‘It Gets Better’ video in support of the LGBT community. Rawlings weighed in at the end.

“I think the city deserves a lot of credit for doing the video. It sends a powerful message,” said John Wright, Senior Editor at the Dallas Voice.

Monday, during a news conference addressing violence in the city, Rawlings said he won’t sign a mayors’ gun control pledge that’s currently circulating the country. He called pledges ‘baloney.’

Gay rights advocates equated the statement to Rawlings’ decision not to sign a pledge supporting gay marriage.

“Those are the two pledges that have come up over the last year,” said Wright. “He says that signing a pledge is baloney. Well, personally, I think that standing up for civil rights is not baloney. I would say that his statement that signing a pledge in support of marriage equality is baloney is malarkey.”


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