Apple: “Siri Needs More Personality”

siri personality pkg3Would you like it if your phone had a better personality? Recent news out of Apple: they’re working on it. Apple wants to make Siri more engaging.

That has some asking how emotionally attached you can get to your iPhone.

The job description says Siri’s known for her wit, cultural knowledge and zeal to explain things in funny, practical ways.

So, the phone is supposed to be to get you places and help you find things on the internet. Why do we really need Siri to respond like a person?

She won’t even tell you  her favorite color. Siri calls it “greenish, but with more dimensions.”

The job posting has since been taking down. It was captured by

One question remains: why does Apple need somebody that has more personalty? Is the problem that there’s nobody at the company that has any personality?


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