Gay Agenda

Gay Agenda: Risky Hook-up Apps, Superbowl Support, and Obama Inauguration

Gay Agenda 1-23Brendon Ayanbadejo

Forget Manti Teo. This football player has a real cause he’s fighting for.

Just hours after the Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo sent an email to a gay marriage advocate asking:

“Is there anything I can do for marriage equality or anti-bullying over the next couple of weeks to harness this super bowl media?”

No, Ayanbadejo isn’t gay, but he was named an ‘honorary gay’ by GQ magazine.

Presidential Inauguration

Speaking of supporters in high places…

Obama’s inauguration speech was praised by gay advocates for reaching out to “our gay brothers and sisters”

“That was a monumental statement,” said John Wright, senior editor for the Dallas Voice.

But some are asking “what have you done for me lately?”

“The next question is, ‘how is he going to put those words into action?’” said Wright. “I think what the LGBT community is going to expect the administration to do, is to file a brief in the Prop 8 case, saying that these state marriage bans, like California’s and like Texas’s, are unconstitutional.”

Risky Dating

Have you heard of Grindr? Manhunt? Scruff?

They’re mobile apps gay men use to find nearby sex partners … or… dates.

If you’re using them, you’re less likely to use protection when you’re having sex.

That’s according to a study by New York’s Community Healthcare Network. nearly half of gay men using the apps don’t use condoms.

Of course, if you’ve ever been on Grindr, you probably are not surprised to hear its users make bad decision every now and then.


2 Comments to “Gay Agenda: Risky Hook-up Apps, Superbowl Support, and Obama Inauguration”

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    January 30, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    cant wait to see the ads during this superbowl!

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