Dallas PD Has A Sense Of Humor About iPhone Game Tweet

DPD Fruit ninja 1

On Saturday night, Dallas police tweeted on their official Twitter account, @DallasPD: “I just sliced 38 fruit in Classic mode on Fruit Ninja for iPhone!”  This is the same Twitter account that keeps the media and the public updated on murders and crimes.

The following day, Dallas PD cleared up the matter, tweeting “Our apologies for the fruit Ninja tweet sent earlier.  One of our kids played the game on our iPhone and unknowingly tweeted their score.”

But many people continued to question how it happened, so Dallas police on their Facebook page handled the situation in a very tongue-in-cheek way.  The department posted:

On Saturday, January 26, 2013, at 9:11 pm, CST, a mysterious tweet from @DallasPD regarding a Fruit Ninja (38 fruit sliced in Classic Mode!) score appeared in the Twitterverse. This raised numerous questions (and a bit of panic) from the Media Relations staff – did @DallasPD become self aware? Was the account hacked by an enemy of the state? What is Fruit Ninja?

Many of our followers also had questions, chief among them, were taxpayer dollars used? And was it our highest score ever?

After a thorough investigation (CSI: Fruit Ninja!), the source of this tweet was traced to a 5 year old boy, who after hours of interrogation signed a written statement admitting his role in Fruitgate.

The DPD Media Relations Staff would like to assure the public that no taxpayer dollars were used, nor was it the culprit’s highest score ever. We do appreciate the retweets and responses we have received. We have learned a sobering lesson from this experience – security threats are not confined to the hacker world. But perhaps the most embarrassing part for us was the realization that our most “viral” post did not come from a post about a suspect wanted for murder, a robber, or even a critical missing person, but from a bored five year old playing on his mommy’s iPhone.


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