Gay Agenda

Gay Agenda: Bullied Teen, Boy Scouts, and Stress in the Closet

Jadin Bell

Bullied Teen

Another tragic example of what bullying does to teens is topping headlines. Jadin Bell, 15, of La Grande, Or, hanged himself from a piece of playground equipment.

Doctors took him off life support earlier this week.

A family friend of Bell says bullies tormented him, both in person and online, for being gay.

Boy Scouts Membership Policy

When the Boy Scouts of America announced Monday it’s considering lifting its ban on gay members, everyone weighed in.

You’d think the BSA’d heard enough.

You’d think wrong.

It wants your input on the membership policy.

You can call at (972)580-2330 or email

“I think it’s really important for lgbt people to put their two cents in and let them know that we’re here, too. We see this as a step in the right direction, but we’d also prefer if they’d go the whole distance and make it a national nondiscrimination policy,” said John Wright, Senior Editor for the Dallas Voice.

Out of the Closet

Coming out is good for your health.

Not because you’ll spend more time in the gym.

…the bro’s at the gym are totally straight.

No, coming out of the closet means you’ll be less stressed. That’s the word from a newly published study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

It also showed that gay guys have less stress and depression than straight guys, too.


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