Beware of the “Tech Support Scam”


You’ll get a call from somebody who says they’re with a tech company, something like Microsoft. They’ll claim that they’re getting error messages from your computer, and can only fix it if you allow them to access it remotely.

“Everything that you say that you’re questioning or objecting to, they’re going to have a comeback to that. They’re going to know what to say to try to convince you,” said Jeannette Kopko, senior VP of communications at the Better Business Bureau of Dallas.

The scammer is going to try to get you to grant him access to your machine. Once you do, he can do any number of things: get your personal information or install a virus on your computer. So, you’re thinking you’re getting helped out, but he’s really just making it worse.

“When they call you and make these claims, be very skeptical,” said Kopko. “Contact your actual computer or software company and find out what’s going on.”


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