Flashback: A Very Busy Off Season For The Dallas Cowboys Coaching Staff

Garrett Presser

January 7th: The firing begins.  Running backs coach Skip Peete is told he will not be back with the Dallas Cowboys after six years with the team.

January 8th: Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator for the past two seasons, is fired the following day.

January 11th: Cowboys waste no time and hire Monte Kiffin to the defensive coordinator position.  Kiffin has 47 years of coaching experience including 26 years in the NFL.

“He`s done it better than anybody else has, I`ve learned a ton from him already.  We`ve had great conversations and great visits and we`re fortune to have him as our defensive coordinator,” said Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett.

January 16th: Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis signs with the Chicago Bears to do the same job there.

January 18th: Kiffin brings his buddy Rod Marinelli to come coach the defensive line.  He`s been coaching in the NFL for 17 years.

January 20th: Rich Bisaccia is hired as the special teams coach, spending 11 years in the NFL working solely on special teams.

“He`s got a great demeanor.  The players play as hard for him as I`ve ever seen any players play for any coach, he`s a great teacher, he loves the game, loves coaching kids, making them better and making your team better,” said Garrett.

February 4th: Derek Dooley signs up as the wide receivers coach.

February 11th: Gary Brown is hired to coach the running backs after spending the last four years in Cleveland.

So the coaches are set, but the million-dollar off season question wasn`t completely answered in Garrett’s Wednesday press conference: Who will be calling the plays for the offense when the season begins?

“What we`ve tried to do with restructuring our offensive staff is to allow me to give up some of those responsibilities over the course of this off season leading into next season.  Now we haven`t figured out the mechanics of how we want to do that, but a lot of the changes that we`ve made on our staff are kind of taking us in that direction,” said Garrett.


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