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Gay Agenda: Superman Writer, AP Style, and No Gays at Prom

Gay Agenda 2-13Superman Script

DC Comics just hired an anti-gay activist to write its new “Adventures of Superman” Comic.  Orson Scott Card is known for calling homosexuality a “reproductive dysfunction.”

“Why would we carry that comic book? If anything, I’m going to face protests if I carry that comic book, and it’s not going to sell,” said Richard Neal, owner of Zeus Comics in Dallas.

Neal says he won’t carry it unless DC Comics picks a new author.

“I am shocked that they would allow somebody that’s such an anti-gay advocate to take over the mantel of superman, even for just an issue,” said Neal.

AP Style

The words “husband” and “wife” only apply to heterosexual couples, according to the Associated Press. That’s the official word out this week.

The AP says those in same-sex relationships are “couples” or “partners.”

It just semantics, right? Not so fast.

“Pretty much everything you read in the media is governed by Associated Press Style because most media outlets use that as a guide,” said John Wright, Senior Editor of the Dallas Voice. “It really smacks of separate-but-equal status. It makes it look like the AP doesn’t view sam-sex couples on an even plane with heterosexual, married couples.

No-Gay Prom

A teacher in Farmersburg, Indiana says she wants her school to have a “traditional prom,” without any gay students allowed. Diana Medley says the gay students could have their own, separate prom.

There has been a national uproar, with petitions calling for the Medley’s resignation.


3 Comments to “Gay Agenda: Superman Writer, AP Style, and No Gays at Prom”

    Clayro said:
    February 13, 2013 at 9:12 PM

    I think ppl are over reacting. The change in Superman is due to the times. He had to be tougher than before and a little edgier than in the past. I'm sure sales had slipped when comics like Batman and Walking Dead are on the rise. I as an avid reader of comics feel that this man's beliefs are his to have. I don't agree with them and think they are repulesive, but as long as they don't make their way onto the page then his thoughts are moot. I fell like boycotting DC comics until they fire him is only going to hurt comic across the board. I am in sales and I know that boycotting a large part of your supply will do nothing but hurt your bottom line. Not to mention that if DC were to fire him they would I'm sure be sued for wrongful termination and descrmination. So, I say let that man do his job. If he starts trying to screw it up, then let him go. Until then stay the course.

    Guest said:
    February 13, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    This bold stand against Orson Scott Card might mean something… if the comic in question weren't a digital comic, sold exclusively through on-line dealers like Comixology, that Zeus Comics wouldn't sell anyway.

    Guest said:
    February 14, 2013 at 3:53 PM

    We need more people like Orson Scott Card and Diana Medley. God bless them for standing up for what is right.

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