A Polar Plunge After Taking The Plunge

There is nothing quite like stories about getting married on Valentine’s Day, but this story has a twist.  On Thursday afternoon, love birds took the plunge and then literally took a plunge into freezing cold water at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, Texas.

“We were engaged for about a year already and just hadn’t made a date, so this was perfect,” said bride Tamara Simmons.  “They said they were looking for couples to get married in a special way and I said, ‘Oh that’s us, we want to get married in a special way.’”

“A little less pressure than having to spend money, have everybody come out, so they make it fun and easy here which is why we got married here,” said groom Robert Simmons.

“It was cold, but it was definitely a lot of fun and we can’t wait to keep going,” said Tamara Simmons.  “Memorable, because nobody is going to have a wedding like this, nobody that we know.”

To watch them take the plunge, press PLAY.


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