ADHD or Something Else? Your Googlechondriac Questions Answered

adhd2Admit it–everyone Google’s their aches, pains and fears and if you type in search terms like anger, anxiety, distraction you’ll see Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder pop up on your computer screen.

“It’s extremely prevalent in our community and our country,” Dr. Risha Kopel of Arbor Green Medicine Clinic in Dallas said.

There are many questions when it comes to ADHD especially after you surf the internet.

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Dr. Kopel said ADHD is typically diagnosed in kids and usually continues into adulthood.

“Yes, it is extremely common,” Dr. Kopel said. “About 6% of adults have it; we see it all the time however only 1 in 4 adults actually seek medical attention to try to get treated for this.”

Maybe it’s because the symptoms like depression, fatigue, hyperactivity are so general and can be caused by a lack of sleep or simply too much caffeine.

“It’s not just one symptom” Dr. Kopel said. “It’s a wide range of symptoms and also people need to get formal testing in a doctor office to get diagnosed.”

Which means a questionnaire–people rate symptoms from zero to three with three being the most severe.

ADHD is being diagnosed more often and if you’re concerned after your trip down the information super highway—by all means see your doctor.

“If you have it” Dr. Kopel said. “The good news is there are treatments that really do help.”


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