Let’s Give Big Tex A Hand!

Big Tex Hand Looky here, looky here… someone has a new hand! Big Tex is in the news again. We’re getting an up close and personal look at the design process behind the Texas icon’s new hands. State Fair of Texas organizers released this video today saying its just a sampling of what it will take to finish the new Big Tex. You’ll remember that he burned down during the closing day of the Fair, 2012. Don’t worry though, the big man will be up and waving his new hands and sporting his new look in time for the Fair’s opening this year in September.

You may remember the raw video of Big Tex’s burning down during the last day of the State Fair, 2012.

Big Tex had a spa day as well!

There was also a memorial!

Bill Bragg, the voice of Big Tex, spoke with CW33 about how he landed the best gig ever!


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