Open Mic Dallas: Sequestration

openmic“My name is Jennifer Luderman and I’m from Mesquite. I believe the budget battles are the fault of both parties. Republicans and democrats.  It’s a great pity that a great country like America can’t move forward and the politicians can’t all get together and work together and I really think it’s all their fault. It’s really a sad thing they can’t work together for the good of the American people.”

Click PLAY to watch: Open Mic: Sequestration.

“Hi, I’m Greg from Cheyenne, Wyoming. I think sequestration is both parties’ faults because they made a trap for themselves and now they’ve fallen into it. Both parties thought this was going to be so bad that it would never come to this but is has come to this and they are both getting their just deserts.”

“I’m Tess Bonner, I’m from Henderson, Texas and I’m tired of hearing about the sequestration.  I don’t know what to believe or what not to believe and I just wish they would get over it and get something done.”

“Hello, I’m Paula from New Jersey; I’m visiting here in Dallas. I just feel it’s everybody’s fault who decided not to be educated before they voted and moving forward in the new generations to come it’s not about popularity it’s about being educated. Whose fault is it? It doesn’t really make a difference at this point.  I just feel as though moving forward everybody should become more educated in what they don’t know about before you know they cast their voting the future. So that’s what I feel. Thank you.”

“Hi, I’m Roy from Seattle. “I think it’s everybody’s in Washington, the president and both parties. I think they ought to get together and do something.” In fact, in my mind the $85 billion or so cut that they are talking about in the federal budget probably isn’t that big. If you’re in business a cut that size you can do it so it’s not as big a deal as everybody makes out.”


1 Comment to “Open Mic Dallas: Sequestration”

    Ash said:
    March 2, 2013 at 5:30 PM

    What in the WORLD is ya’lls “Host” wearing!?!?!? This is the first time I have watched this news and I am pretty repulsed. I mean even my 4 year old noticed her behind. Good for her being curvy and all but dress a little more professional.

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