Whole Lotta Music Whole Lotta Fun…


If you are looking to get your music fix on this week, you are in luck. 35 Denton, now in it’s 5th year is featuring local and international music. It’s kind of a really good appetizer to the main course of SXSW in Austin next week. 

Mark from KDGE gives us the 411 on a must see in the Dallas FortWorth MusicPlex.

Check out the Line up and schedule at

For Tickets and general Festival info…

Don’t forget to Like Mark on Facebook for all his great work promoting the local music scene.

The Dallas Observer has an article about a survival kit for those attending the  35 Denton Music Festival.  They include, A time Keeping Device, a map… and some other goodies, that may seem obvious but worth checking out. Take a look at what they mention at the 35 Denton Survival Kit


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