Motorcycle Accidents: Spring-like Weather Ushers in Danger


“I’ve gone down about four times in my life. I’m Jimmy Duke and I’ve been riding a motorcycle ever since I was 12 years old.”

During that time Jimmy has had a few close calls

“I was stopped at a stop light and an uninsured guy came up along and run right into the back of me when everybody was stopped.”

Jimmy was nearly killed by a distracted driver

“They were talking on the telephone and got me and all I could do was power down and just hang in there otherwise the traffic was so bad on 183 if I would have went down all the other cars would have ran over me.”

Click PLAY to watch: Motorcycle Accidents: Spring-like Weather Ushers in Danger

“I’m Morie Harris and I just feel it’s hard to see motorcycles on the highway. The way I have my side mirrors set up I like to look down so I can see cars in my blind side, Morie said. “I don’t really get to see them when they’re coming up until they’re on my blind side because they’re going so fast you don’t really get a chance to react to them.”

In 2011, there were 279 motorcycle related deaths in Texas. Source: DPS

“We are a helmet law state but we’re not required to wear one if you have good insurance,” Jimmy said. I think helmet laws are good. I think they are very good for a lot of people.”

Jimmy rarely wears a helmet and those close calls were not his fault

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and somebody wasn’t paying attention,” Jimmy said.

“I never hit anybody but at the same time I’ve almost hit a few,” Morie said.


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