A Dallas Teacher’s Voyage into space

We are entering a new era of spaceflight. Up until now, only a select few were able to fly high above the atmosphere into the blackness of space. However, private companies like Virgin Galactic and Xcor are leading the way in making space travel available to the masses. One of the first civilians to go up into space will be Dallas’ own Michael Johnson, a teacher at DeSoto and Irving Highschools.
Hand picked by the foundation “Citizens in Space”, Mr. Johnson along with others will travel into space to conduct experiments that were near impossible to do before. Among the Citizen Astronauts is Edward Wright who is chairman of the United States Rocket Academy and project manager for Citizens in Space.
Find out more about this historical event and why we may all get our shot to see space sooner that we ever dreamed!

Find out more about Citizens in space here:

Find out more about the company behind the spacecraft here: 


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