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Rainbow House, Michelle Shocked, and New Mexico Gay Marriage

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Rainbow House

The Westboro Baptist Church is famous for protesting soldier funerals and saying things like “God hates f–s.” Well, the WBC just got a taste of its own medicine.

The non-profit Planting Peace bought a home right across the street and painted it like a gay pride flag. They’re calling it the “Equality House.” The group is trying to fund-raise for equality and anti-bullying programs.

‘Shocking’ Tirade

Dallas-native Michelle Shocked doesn’t like gay people. I mean, she really doesn’t like gay people.

At a San Francisco concert Sunday, in a club operated by a gay man (according to Yahoo! News), she told the crowd gay marriage will be the “downfall of civilization” and “God hates f–s.”

“If you’re in San Francisco and you have a lot of gay fans, that’s really not the place to do that,” said Anna Waugh of the Dallas Voice.Gay Agenda 3-20

Eventually, the club pulled the plug on her, and the crowd walked out.

Now, the venues for many of her upcoming shows across the country have cancelled her appearances.

“Fans are not going to support that. There’s a lot of folk singers out there. They can take their buck to another venue,” said Waugh.

Gay Marriage in Sante Fe

Did you know gay marriage is legal in New Mexico? It might have always has been legal. That’s according to the David Cross, the mayor of Sante Fe, N.M.

He’s encouraging gay couples to go apply for marriage licenses because the state doesn’t outlaw gay marriage, and it doesn’t specify that marriage has to be between a man and a woman.

It’ll be up to the state supreme court to decide if it really is legal.

Cross admits part of his motivation is his desire to see his lesbian daughter walk down the aisle.



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