March Madness? Top 5 Brackets Not Related to Basketball

redpandaNUMBER 5

Love music but not basketball? MTV has a bracket that hits all the right notes. Top seeds include the Black Keys in the Midwest and Mumford and Sons in the East.

Pearl Jam is an 11th seed? Really?

Spoiler alert! One top seed is already out. Queue sad song.


The Best Sitcoms of All Time. You love great TV and have good taste otherwise you wouldn’t be watching right now so use your skills in New York Magazine’s pop culture showdown.

Writers and producers have already picked winners and readers did too on’s Facebook page.

So who do you think should have won? Seinfeld? Sex and the City? or maybe this guy, you probably know him.


The Worst Company in America Tournament brought to you by Consumerist! So many companies but in this tournament only the worst can be the best! 1st round winners include Facebook spanking Google 89% to 11% and Spirit Airlines edged American Airlines 59% to 41%

Other companies voted into The Worst Company in America Tournament include favorites Best Buy and Wal-Mart.


BuzzFeed’s Animal March Madness. 16 animals and 4 brackets where you can vote for the cutest animal in the world.

1st round winners include: The Walruses, The Wombats and in an upset The Alpacas somehow got past The Raccoons and in a landslide The Foxes beat The Armadillos with 80% of the vote.


The Top plays in NFL History which is a long time. Top seeded plays include The Immaculate Reception–The Catch and The Music City Miracle.

Roger Staubach’s famous Hail Mary pass to Drew Pearson was a 6th seed and was voted to move on to the 2nd round.

See? College basketball isn’t the only bracket in town.



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