Made in Texas

The Healthier Alternative To Ice Cream: Kulfi

It may look like the ice cream that you know and love, but Kaurina’s Kulfi, which is made in North Texas, has the taste and texture of another time and place.

“Kulfi is the ice cream of India.  It’s something that predates modern ice cream or traditional ice cream that we know here in America,” said Aman Singh with Kaurina’s.

With so many delicious ice creams on the market, why would anyone go for India’s version of the sweet dessert?

“Just by itself, just by the nature of the product, it wasn’t anything deliberate on our part, that it was a lower calorie, lower sugar, lower fat alternative to ice cream,” said Singh.

It skimps on the calories, sugar and fat, but not on the taste.

“You get this really rich, creamy dense ice cream like dessert, but not quite ice cream.  It’s kulfi,” said Singh.


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