Gay Agenda

Gay Agenda: HRC Logos on Facebook, Out Football Player



HRC Logos Take Over Facebook

While the supreme court takes up the issue of gay marriage, people on Facebook have gotten very supportive. The Human Rights Campaign asked people to change their profile pic to to a red HRC logo, to show their support for marriage equality.

They did, but the moving show of support has made it hard to figure out who’s who.

Well, almost everyone. Leave it to the gays to get creative. …and companies to jump on board to do a little marketing.

CNN Equality Calculator

If you love equality – and live in Texas – you might feel a little… uncomfortable. According to CNN’s new calculator, texas ranks 45th for states in support of lgbt rights.

“The ranking, I don’t think, is as important as the broader point which they’re trying to make. We have this patchwork of different laws in every state. No state has full equality, because we don’t have full federal equality,” said John Wright, Senior Editor of the Dallas Voice.

Out of 50 states, Texas beats out Utah, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Brady Quinn (who is not gay)

Brady Quinn (who is not gay)

Gay NFL Football Player

The top four American team sports are baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. As it stands now, no gay guys play in any of those sports. That is, no players will admit that they’re gay.

That could soon change. According to CBS Sports, there’s a current NFL player who’s strongly considering coming out in the next few months.

So who is it? They won’t say.

You think there’s a chance we can pick?



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