Paul Quinn College Goes from Closing to Winning!

HBCU Goes From Closing to Winning  Paul Quinn College has seen its fair share of controversy.  In 2009, the Historically Black College was almost forced to close; but there was one man who refused to let the school and its rich history simply disappear.

College President Michael Sorrell fought diligently to keep the school’s accreditation.  After receiving the news the school would remain open, they worked to change the policies of the campus and ultimately improve the schools reputation.

First on the chopping block, the football team.  Sorrell decided to replace the team and football field with a farm.  They use the proceeds from the produce to earn money and donate 10% of the profit back into the community.

Another major change, was the students dress code.  Students are now required to wear business casual clothing to class. Creating an environment where they learned that dressing professional will better prepare them for the real world.

The school now boast awards and recognition for excelling in higher education; and proving a little faith and hard work can go a long way.

This is the story of how Paul Quinn College survived the storm, and how one man can make a difference.


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