Rangers Home Opener: A look Behind the Ballpark Curtain

Texas Rangers Floor Logo“Alright,” I beamed as I walked into the stadium.  “Less than 24 hours away from the Rangers opener tomorrow and I don’t know about you but it’s starting to look, smell and feel like baseball.”

“Opening day!” A smiling fan said after picking his tickets.

“Exactly,” I thought.  “Rangers, Angels and banners.”

I looked into the bullpen where there was already action. You won’t find Kyle Wilber in the program but the Rangers Field Crew member was hard at work getting the bullpen ready.

“You really put the sign on the mound; get it where the pitchers like it so they can warm up before the game,” Kyle said. “We had to paint batters boxes, paint the plate. It makes everything nice for TV.”

Speaking of TV, crews frantically wired for sound and of course there had to be a sound check on the field.

“Audio check, done,” I said. “Video check? These guys are on it.”

One of the guys is camera operator Dave Curliss who spent the winter shooting hockey.

“Slowing down to baseball speed, it’s night and day difference,” Dave said. “You just hit the brakes, time for baseball.”

“It’s almost 4:30 and we’re still waiting for the glorious television money shot and that would be of course, I know what you’re waiting for. The painting of the field,” I said. “Well, it still hasn’t happened yet.”

So we bring you the application of stickers. We got to the bottom of the painting delay. The stencil was on its way.

The grounds crew? Nerves of steel.

“Really, there is no pressure,” Devo Spencer. ”We’ve been doing it every day like for a month so it’s kind of like a routine, second nature type deal now.”

Under control, so now we’re off to the pro shop which is filled to the brim.

“While everyone else is getting ready for opening day you are getting ready for the game after opening day? Why? I asked Englishman Ian Bonell.

“How come?” Ian answered. “There were no tickets available for the 5th!”

The ballpark will be ready for opening day, including 11,000 new seat tags.

Caley Dollar has spent the last two weeks getting the job done. Her deadline is 10 a.m. Friday morning when the gates open.

“It’s almost done,” Casey said. “We’re almost ready for the season to start.”


1 Comment to “Rangers Home Opener: A look Behind the Ballpark Curtain”

    P&Z said:
    April 4, 2013 at 10:40 PM

    Can we have a few more snazzy pans and KBE's in this package? Whatever happened to storytelling?

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