Dallas on Pig Patrol: Trappers Bring Home the Bacon in Feral Hog Fight


Three reasons why the city of Dallas wants fewer feral hogs.

The pesky pigs apparently cause lots of damage when they forage for food. How much damage? The Texas Department of Agriculture estimates the hog’s boorish behavior causes $52 million of agriculture damage a year.

The hogs have been seen all over the city including the Trinity River Audubon Center, Kiest Park, Lake Highlands and near Flag Pole Hill.

The hogs are smart and try to avoid humans but if you get in their way they can be dangerous.

Two ways to get rid of the feral hogs.

Trappers will humanely capture the hogs and the trappers won’t get a single red cent from the city but that’s where the good news ends for the hogs and the good news starts for the trappers.

The hogs will be taken to a USDA Approved meat processing plant where the trappers will be paid for the pigs and bring home the bacon.

One key fact to take away from this not so little piggy went to the market story.

The hogs used to be confined to east Texas and along the south Texas coast but according to the Texas Department of Agriculture the hogs are so intimidating they have no natural predators and with females capable of having three litters a year—as Porky the Pig might say “That’s all folks.”


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