Energy Scam Too Good to be True

Energy Scam web pic 1

DALLAS — You can see this happening in Texas, because we do have the power to choose our power company. We got that back in 2002.

Somebody will contact you, either by going door-to-door or calling you on the phone, saying they can get you a great deal on your energy service.

Sure, we’re always looking for the best deal, but often that deal isn’t what it seems to be.

“Before you know it, you’ve been sold or switched to another energy provider and you may not get the savings that they’re promising,” said Jeannette Kopko of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

You’ll definitely want to look into it really closely, especially if you feel pressured.

“If they’re pressuring you to make a decision right away, that high pressure is probably a sign to look at the offer more carefully,” said Kopko.

They know, if you look at it, you won’t be as interested.

If it isn’t a scammer, he/she won’t mind you asking for some paperwork to really check the deal out.

“You want time to understand the offer, check out the business, know what you’re getting in to,” said Kopko.


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