TABC Now Has A Phone App to Tell When You’re Drunk

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.47.18 PM

The Texas Alcoholic Alcoholic Beverage Commission FINALLY releases an app to tell you when you’re drunk!

Here’s how the TABC describes it in yesterday’s press release:

The Intoximaze app is an interactive game designed for users who are old enough to consume alcoholic beverages. The game requires users to draw a line between a start and end point without touching the walls and becomes more challenging as the user progresses through the levels. The game is intended to incorporate the user’s motor skills and timing response which can decrease as a result of consuming alcohol. If the user strikes out too many times in a row, the game will advise the user to seek a safe ride home if they have been drinking. Additional information and facts about intoxication, alcohol poisoning and alcohol by volume will pop up throughout the game. The game will also allow the user to post their high scores directly on their Facebook wall. There’s even a multiplayer option that allows a group of people to play against each other on the same device.


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