Gaining Weight? Maybe it isn’t Your Fault: Family Ties


Life is hectic these days–parents working overtime, soccer matches, music lessons, you name it. The entire family eats whatever is easy and fast–but not this family.

“Hi, I’m Eleazar. I’m Cecilia. I’m Christian. I’m Heidi. I’m Kacy and we’re the Martinez family!”

And the Martinez family is living proof that a family that eats better together loses weight together.

Cecilia heard about the Heart of the Community Challenge at Charlton Methodist Hospital in Dallas.

It’s where Dr. Sherri Morgan schools families on how to get healthy.

It’s true, there’s security in numbers.

“Weight Watchers just did a recent study which showed if you get a significant other involved as your support system that person benefits just as much as the person actively doing it,” Dr. Morgan said.

Cecilia and her mom both had high cholesterol and her dad had high blood pressure so the entire Martinez family decided to jump into the program head first.

Listen to what they put in their chicken fajitas.

“Now you know with these kids we eat mushrooms,” Cecilia said. KusKus and what was that other one? We never had tofu before–that was neat.”

Eleazar agreed.

“You know, we don’t necessarily need to add all that salt and the cheese and cream and all that,” Eleazar said. “We can do with a lot less without putting so much in and still get the same effect.”

The Martinez family is all in–the kids now eat breakfast every morning and pack their lunch for school–which includes fruit and vegetables.

And dinner? It’s now a family affair.

“I see it as quality family time,” Dr. Morgan said. “How often do we hear we need to eat dinner together? Again, like we did in the old says so by cooking a healthy meal, getting all of the family involved, particularly the children, you’re kind of role modeling so for them they see it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.”

A family that eats well together loses weight together–the Martinez family has lost a combined 75 pounds.

The present is looking better and the future is brighter than ever.

“I don’t want to be old and chubby and old and wrinkly,” Heidi said with a laugh. “No, I want to be old, wrinkled and skinny.”


3 Comments to “Gaining Weight? Maybe it isn’t Your Fault: Family Ties”

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