Gay Agenda

Gay Agenda: Traditional African Wedding, AIDS Pill, and Texas Lawmakers

Texas Legislature

It’s been 12 years since any pro-LGBT bills have made any sort of traction in the Texas legislature. That changed Tuesday when a Senate committee approved a bill that would add protections to gay teens.

“If you’re a gay teenager in Texas right now, you can basically be arrested for making out with your boyfriend,” said John Wright, senior editor for the Dallas Voice.

Gay advocates don’t expect it to pass the full Senate, but say just having it approved by a committee is a sign things are changing in Texas.

“It’s still progress. It’s a step in the right direction,” said Wright.


A once-a-day HIV/AIDS treatment will soon be available for $10 a month in South Africa.

The same treatment in the U.S. retails for about $2,000 a month.

The country hopes the new pill will help more people afford treatment.

South Africa has more HIV-positive people than any other country (5.6-million). The U.S. has 1.1 million.

Gay Agenda 4-10Traditional African Gay Wedding

Also in South Africa, the country’s first traditional african gay marriage. No, that isn’t an oxymoron. It’s traditional as in the African culture’s traditions. … and gay as in two men.

27-year-olds Cameron Modisane and Thoba Sithol say they’re excited to be making history.

See the full video below:


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