Infrared Sauna Therapy: The Alternative

infrared-nsauna-bed-22It’s been a tough couple of years for Amy Phipps–three years ago she got caught up in a five car accident–just one week before having her second baby.

She still has lingering pain and pills, massage and trips to the chiropractor really don’t help.

“Might as well try something new,” Amy figured. “Also, with my problem I spend hours a day holding a baby so I know I’m recreating my own problem but there isn’t a lot that I can do, I have to hold my baby.”

That something new Amy tried is this—the Jade Infrared Sauna. Unlike a conventional sauna–it heats up your body without heating the air around you.

“It’s very warm, it’s very toasty,” Amy said as soaked up the heat inside the bob sled shaped sauna. “It’s like when you pay out in the sun on the beach and you get that warm, toasty feeling and you get really relaxed.”

According to the Mayo-Clinic several studies have shown infrared saunas did help people with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and even rheumatoid arthritis.

Amy’s husband Kelly owns the sauna and Phitstudio.

“As your body heats up lots of things start to happen,” Kelly explained. Your blood starts to pump a little harder to keep you cooler, your veins open up larger which is going to help blood pressure problems, you’re going to sweat a little bit which is going to open up pores and the lymphatic system.”

Kelly said the infrared heat penetrates about three inches into the body–he got the idea about four years ago after seeing how much it helped Olympic athletes.

Experts say more studies are needed to so see how infrared heat can be used and how much it really helps.

As for Amy, being able to hold baby number three is all the proof she needs.

“I get a big knot that I can hardly get out even with massage or chiropractic work but if I lay in here for at least 20 minutes that will help that muscle relax,” Amy said. “It might be something that never goes away but if i lay in here it will give me a day or two where i don’t as much pain for it.”


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