Employers Still Allowed to Ask for your Facebook Password

facebook still2

Have you heard about bosses asking for their employees’ Facebook passwords? According to Facebook, it’s happening more and more. In most states it’s still legal.

Legislation that would have outlawed the practice across the country was just voted down by the U.S. House.

It seems a little antiquated doesn’t it? If we have a right to privacy, why doesn’t that apply to the Internet?

Well, for now, it’s because lawmakers haven’t done anything about it.

Four states outlawed the practice by employers in 2012: California, Illinois, Maryland, and Michigan.

This year, two states have: New Mexico and Utah.

Texas has a bill in the Senate and a bill in the House, but both are stuck in committee.

The U.S. House considered an amendment that would have changed things. It was to the big CISPA internet privacy bill. If it passed, no employers would be able to ask for your passwords. The House passed the overall bill days ago, but only after it voted that part of it down, 224 to 189.

Last year the Password Protection Act of 2012 was introduced in both the House and the Senate, but went nowhere.

Another bill, called SNOPA, or the Social Networking Online Protection Act, is also sitting around in a House committee.

The ACLU and Facebook have spoken out against businesses asking for their employees’ and job applicants’ passwords. Facebook basically said it would sue businesses if necessary.

But for now, in 44 states, including Texas, the practice remains perfectly legal.


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