Gaining Weight? Maybe it isn’t Your Fault: Secret Snackers


I don’t know about you but where I work there’s always food around that I didn’t plan on eating.

I took these pictures in the last couple of weeks.

Donuts one day. Cake the next. The pile of candy was gone before I could take any pictures.

In Britain there’s a TV series titled Secret Eaters which is dedicated to busting secret snackers.

“Britain has a big, fat secret,” The announcer declared. “Every year we’re getting fatter.”

Same here in the good old USA where basically, people can’t figure out why they’re overweight until someone busts them on the secret snacking they’re doing.

This is Yolanda Wilson who admits she’s a great secret snacker.

“Chips, candy bars,” Yolanda chirped. “Cookies, donuts, soda.”

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And that’s just at work where secret snacking is easy. Registered Dietitian Jennifer Neily said every cookie, every chip counts and little by little we gain weight.

“Ten calories a day can result in a one pound weight gain over the course of a year,” Jennifer said.  “Coming up to your 20th reunion and everyone is 20 pounds overweight and it’s very little that can add up.”

Yolanda figures that all the secret snacking equals an extra 3,000 calories a week and don’t forget 3,500 calories equals a pound.

“Sometimes people have food amnesia,” Jennifer said. “They’re just not taking into consideration what they may be eating around the water cooler or walking past somebody’s desk and picking up a few of these.”

Yolanda is still thinking about all of her secret snacking.

“Right now my favorite is the chocolate covered chips,” Yolanda admitted. “I have a bad habit of grabbing those to eat, yeah.”

Yolanda walks 30 miles a week to fight off all that secret snacking which she’s not hiding it from anyone–not even herself.

“I wish I could just cut it out completely,” Yolanda said.


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