Gay Agenda

Gay Agenda: ENDA, Alan Gendreau, Sh*t I Love



The Washington Blade is reporting that on Thursday, both chambers of Congress are set to re-introduce the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Thirty states, including Texas, have no discrimination protections for LGBT employees. This bill would end that.

“So many people are vulnerable and exposed on a daily basis and are forced to remain closeted at work. It’s perfectly legal for an employer in Texas and 30 other states to fire you for being gay,” said John Wright of the Dallas Voice.

Alan Gendreau

The first out-gay NFL player might not already be a pro player.  The former kicker for Middle Tennessee State wants in the NFL. When at MT, Alan Gendreau was the leading scorer in his conference, according to Outsports. He was also out the whole time he was there.

If drafted, Gendreau would be the first openly gay male in the big four pro sports in the U.S.

Sh*t I Love

A new funny musical short is going viral on Youtube. It stars Jake Wilson and Broadway’s Alysha Umphress. Basically, Wilson gets gay-bashed and starts singing.

The message is, focus on the good in life., not all the sh**. Full Video below (graphic language):


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