Facelift in About an Hour: The Alternative to Surgery

one hour faceliftKathryn Goins is like a lot of women her age–which I will keep a secret for another minute or so.

She wanted a facelift but not one that required surgery and a long recovery.

“I wanted something that was easier that there was very little downtime,” Kathryn recalled. “I have a crazy schedule with four children so I knew that was not going to be the case for me.”

She’d had some work done before but she wasn’t happy with the way she looked. Kathryn felt over plump so she went back to the drawing board and found Dr. Sam Lam.

“I cannot explain to you,” Kathryn said. “You can walk in and see the difference in the matter of an hour.”

That is not a typo. One hour.

Dr. Lam uses four different procedures to give the illusion of a facelift. Botox to manage wrinkles fillers for volume, laser for skin flaws and oxygenated makeup that actually helps the healing process.

“That combination of all four provides the patient an alternative to the bigger procedures,” Dr. Lam said. “It gets them through the door and back to work with minimal downtime.”

Dr. Lam said as we age we lose volume and skin begins to sag which is usually noticed in the chin area. Kathryn’s’ before and after pictures make her chin look thinner and it was accomplished without surgery.

“A lot of what I do is illusion works so where shadows dominate I want to replace that with highlights,” Dr. Lam said. “Where there is fullness in one area I want to provide more balance and fullness in the other area. I detract from areas that are too full.”

And that healing makeup? Kathryn had it applied immediately after the procedure leaving behind not a hint of a one hour facelift

Now for the big reveal. Kathryn is 35 years old but when she looks in the mirror she sees woman in her 20′s that never had surgery.

“I see the volume that has been replaced,” Kathryn said with a smile. “I see about ten years of me looking younger. “I’m excited. I just don’t like to see the before but I’m really happy to see the after.”


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