West, TX Need Eclipsed By Boston Coverage

west2  When news came that the Boston Marathon had explosions fire off near the finish line, shock set in. Flashbacks of 9/11 started to emerge. Worry for those who have relatives on the East Coast percolated.

And something else happened. National news coverage was focused entirely on coverage for the bombings in Boston, and the terror that ensued while the suspects were at large.

We want to be perfectly clear. We are not, in any way, saying that Boston does not deserve the attention and donations that they are getting. But there are unintended consequences for other areas that have been affected because their story was pushed out of the national conversation. In other words, there are others that need help, too.

Specifically, the town of West.

As the nation was focused on a mad man on the loose in one of the nation’s largest cities, at least fourteen people died in West, and over 200 were injured. A majority of those who died were first responders. In Boston, three people died, and 73 were injured.

Here’s where the balance of news coverage becomes important.

Crowd-funding for victims in Boston has reached over $3 million on sites such as GoFundMe, YouCaring, & GiveForward.

West, TX, has only a handful of dollars from crowd-funding. The gap between the two tragedies seems to be a direct result of the level of news coverage on a national scale.

Even the boat which the Boston suspect was hiding in has received more funding from the public than the victims of those in the town of West.

Again, this isn’t meant to take away from the horror experienced from those in Boston, but if you would like to help those who need money and resources to rebuild their town, visit


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