Presidential Libraries: Top 5 Exhibits from the Last 5 Presidents

George W Bush Library DedicationNUMBER 5

The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s where you’ll find 27 million pages of the Carter’s White House material including documents from the famous Camp David Accord and a peek inside life of a president.

Go ahead and pore over the daily diary of the 39th President of the United States.


The Ronald Reagan Library in Semi Valley, California. It’s where you’ll find a 6,000 pound and 9.5 foot tall chunk of the Berlin Wall.

The Gippper eventually got his wish. If you go to the Reagan Library, keep in mind it’s also the final resting place the 40th President of the United States.


The George Bush Library in College Station, Texas. President George Herbert Walker Bush is simply known as “41″. The former president and first lady focus heavily on educational programs for kids of all ages but the must see exhibit the replica of Air Force One.

Step inside the flying Oval Office and its 4,000 square feet of interior floor space.

Go ahead, stretch out.


The Bill Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s the first federal building to receive the platinum LEED Certification for Environmental Design. Like all presidential libraries–it’s full of artifacts, documents, photos and videos but the must see exhibit here is the exact replicas of the 42nd Presidents Oval Office and Cabinet Room.


The President George W. Bush Library in Dallas–better known as “43″. Exhibits include a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, efforts to reduce the spread of aids and education reform–but the interactive exhibit called Decision Points gives you the chance to fix the financial crisis that marked the end of the presidents second term.

That exhibit alone is money in the bank.


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