TCU Emergency Phones Out of Order

Fphones pkgORT WORTH, Texas — The emergency phones are out at TCU. Those blue ‘emergency’ poles across campus all say “out of order” right now. Campus administrators still don’t know how long it’ll be before they’re working again.

TCU’s administration sent out an email warning to all students and staff on Sunday.

“It just let us know that the, like, emergency blue lights that you press if there’s an emergency were out,” said TCU junior Ruth Duesterheft.

The campus police runs a routine test on its emergency phones once a week. They worked last week, but not this week.

“I figured they’d be fixed pretty quick. I didn’t realize it was all of them that were out,” said Duesterheft.

TCU is still investigating the problem with the phones. They’re all out of order until further notice. In the meantime, students should use their cell phones to call TCU police at 817-257-7777 if they have any problems.


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