Iron Man 3 Opens: Bruce and Sam feel like Superhero’s after getting Cinema Jobs.

Iron Man 1

At the new Look Cinemas in Dallas Iron Man 3 is lighting up the screen. This time the superhero has to fight his way back after his personal world is destroyed.

Bruce Mitschelen, Sam Revell and Tom Stephenson could star in their own movie.

Bruce was unemployed for six months until Look Cinemas opened about a month ago.

“It was quite scary,” Bruce said. “I’ve never been in a position where you don’t know where you’re next job is going to come.”

Bruce was hired and put in charge of hiring 45 more people, many of them unemployed like Sam who applied for 50 jobs before he was hired on the spot at Look Cinemas.

“He asked me when I could start and I said today,” Sam recalled “Right now, I can start working right now.”

Tom Stephenson is the hero in this story–he’s the President and CEO. His Look Cinemas concept has eleven theaters including three with huge screens and two Look and Dine theaters featuring a Nick and Sam’s Grill menu.

He created the concept and the jobs and with the Texas unemployment rate at 6.4%, that’s a blockbuster.

“We’ve been able to hire a lot of really interesting, neat people to work with here,” Tom said. “I think we’ve created something here that not only creates jobs here; it creates real interesting entertainment options for people.”

For Bruce and Sam and dozens just like them, their stories have an Iron Man type ending.

“In the corporation,” Bruce said with a smile. “I’m employee number 6, to me that am a great feeling.”


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