Why is the Condom Challenge a Thing?

condom challenge

In the rich, American tradition of people doing stupid things on Youtube for hits, we bring you “The Condom Challenge.”

I’ve always kind of wondered why the packaging for a condom needs instructions. Now I know.

The way it works is a person sucks a condom into his nose and pulls it out of his mouth.

People have actually been doing this for awhile, but it wasn’t until May 2012 that one Youtuber posted this video. It’s the one that officially made it a challenge:

Then in mid-April redactor redpanda252 submitted a video to Reddit. That’s when it went viral. Now, of course, all the ‘youtube celerities’ are posting their own videos. Eventually doctors are going to weigh in, like they did for the Cinnamon Challenge, to tell everyone it’s bad for you.

Of course, people know doing this can hurt them, but they’re still doing it.

If you want to get hits on Youtube, why not making something that contributes to society? I guess that isn’t what Youtube is all about.

Just don’t do it. Please?


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