The Better Business Bureau Phishing Scam

BBB phishing scam web2The reason this one gets so much attention is because the scammers are using the Better Business Bureau’s name. Normally you’d think if you got something from the BBB, you’d be okay.

You get an email saying a complaint’s been filed against you, and the email address says it’s from the BBB. There will either be a link attached or a file to download. Clicking on either one is a mistake.

“It’s not really from the BBB and if you click on the link or download it, you could be getting malware into your computer that could then go into your financial accounts and start taking money out,” said Jeannette Kopko of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

Some of the warning signs you want to watch for: bad grammar, bad spelling, or incomplete thoughts. Also, check to see if the email address is actually what it says it is. You can mouse over it without clicking on it to see.

“If you don’t want to click the link, then call or email us directly through information you get through our website and we can tell you whether it’s legit or not,” said Kopko.

Don’t thick you’re going to be bothering the BBB by checking to see if it’s a fake email.

“Absolutely, we want to know about it and if people can, we want them to forward the email to the address where we’re collecting these examples so that we can work with our technical people and with the appropriate authorities to see what we can do to get these scammers stopped,” said Kopko.


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