Sexual Misconduct Task Force Recommends 41 Changes For SMU

SMU Task Force 2With a number of highly publicized sexual assaults on the Southern Methodist University campus recently, a task force was created to try and reduce the number of incidents and improve how the university responds when a sexual assault occurs.

The task force came out with 41 recommendations of changes SMU should make, and here are the top 10 you need to know about:

10:  SMU should make it clear there are support services available if there is sexual misconduct.

9:  Students should always be encouraged to report sexual misconduct to law enforcement, and do it quickly.

8: Students should be allowed to report sexual misconduct anonymously.

7:  SMU should have counselors on staff 24 hours a day, or let people know about the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center’s 24-hour rape crisis hotline, as incidents can occur at any time.

6:  SMU employees should all have pocket sized instruction cards with info on how to help students who report sexual misconduct.

5:  The SMU Student Code of Conduct should be reviewed and updated, making it more accessible and easier to read.

4:  SMU’s sexual misconduct policy should forbid retaliation against someone who reports an incident.

3:  SMU officials should regularly meet with local law enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office and rape service providers.

2:  SMU should develop a bystander intervention program similar to those at Duke and Yale, where students are taught ways to proactively help other students.

1:  SMU officials should create a mandatory good citizenship program for first year students to discuss sexual misconduct among other issues.


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