CW Prime Time Line Up Released For Fall

If you’re a fan of the “Carrie Diaries” or “Nikita” you’ll like this! The CW has renewed both shows so they’ll be back on CW33 this fall. But the “Carrie Diaries” will at least be for 13 episodes since it was a mid-season show. We’re hearing that “Nikita” will return with 6 new episodes and possibly more. The CW also announced plans for 2 new sci-fi series, “The Tomorrow People” and “Star Crossed.” That’s in addition to renewing “Hart Of Dixie,” “Arrow,” “Beauty And The Beast,” “Supernatural,” and “The Vampire Diaries.” If you can’t get enough of the “Vampire Diaries” it’s getting a spin-off this fall called “The Originals.”


2 Comments to “CW Prime Time Line Up Released For Fall”

    Michael Matthews said:
    September 12, 2013 at 1:12 AM

    Hello, and thanks for keeping "Seinfeld" on at 12:00.

    But, now you're airing EVLRaymond reruns at 12:30 instead of more Seinfeld @ 12:30. Whoooooa! What a huge F***ing mistake. Most Seinfeld watchers (like myself) will never, ever stay tuned to CW33 after Seinfeld just to watch EVLR reruns.

    Seinfeld is, and always will be the best sitcom to air in late night. And just seriously F*** all of these bought and paid for episodes of this "dumb ass show" (ELVR)! Just know that those who watch and want real sitcom comedy fun are, "Seinfeld" fans. And not this shit you're feeding us with EVLR @ 12:30. I for one am tuning out, and I'm quite certain that all of my Seinfeld fans will be doing the same.

    EVLR over Seinfeld. What a F***ing joke!! If things don't change take your ratings will continue to go down, down – waaaay the F**k down!

    Point well taken – I hope,

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