Larry g(EE) and the Homegrown Fest






Larry g(EE)

On tonight’s music box we showcase Larry g(EE). Larry is just one of the many talented artist and bands playing at this weekends Homegrown Fest. We caught up with Larry in the studio working on his latest album. He  talked a little bit about his origins, and what it was like playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Tune in tonight to watch the video. Check out Larry g(EE) online at 


  • Homegrown Fest  -  May 11  – Dallas
  • Underground -  May 18   – Dallas
  • The Live Oak Music Hall and Lounge -  May 25 -  Fort Worth

If you are wondering about his name… it’s a tribute to his younger brother who’s a graphic artist and a big supporter of Larry. Larry wanted to make his name stand out, and with the g(EE) in it, it sure does.

Larry g(EE)



Homegrown Festival

Homegrown Fest

The Homegrown Fest is this weekend, with a large line up of local favorites. It’s hosted at Main Street Garden Park, located at 1900 Main St. (between Harwood and St. Paul).

Here are some videos from some of the artist.

Larry g(EE)

Polyphonic Spree

The Toadies




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