Diplomat Dennis Rodman Planning August Mission To North Korea

Dennis Rodman’s summer travel plans include a party at Lil Kim’s crib. You got it, the former NBA baller now wanna be Foreign Diplomat, is heading back to North Korea. The other day, Rodman sent this tweet to Kim Jong Un asking to do him a solid and release imprisoned American Kenneth Bae. Shockingly it didn’t work, even though they’re supposed to be best buds. But, not to worry Kenneth, Rodman told TMZ he’s going back to North Korea in August and will ask his Kim in person to let Bae out.


Rodman As Foreign Ambassador?

Dennis Rodman to the rescue! Whoever the new Pope is, the basketball Hall of Famer and now self-appointed foreign relations consultant wants to meet him! Reports say “The Worm” is bringing a message of peace to Vatican City. Rodman just got back from a trip to North Korea where he became fast friends with Kim Jong Un.


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