You Play Ball LIke a Girl! Sandlot DIrector Interview


Many generations of people have grown up watching the kid classic ” The Sandlot.” Even if you have never watched it, there is a good chance you’ve heard some quotes from the movie. It’s been twenty years since the movie was in theaters. And Twentieth Century Fox is rereleasing the movie on DVD and online, and the Director / Writer¬†David M. Evans is touring the US going from baseball park to baseball park playing the movie. He’ll be at Arlington Stadium this Saturday where some lucky baseball fans will have the opportunity to have a sleep over ¬†on the baseball field and get to watch the Sandlot classic on the screen after the Ranger game.

We met up with the director and “Ham” from the movie and asked them what their favorite Sandlot quotes were.

David M. Evans (Director and Narrator to Sandlot) and Patrick Renna (Hamilton ‘Ham” Porter)

These two were funny and great to talk to. You can tell they enjoyed catching up with each other after so many years. It was fun hearing their stories of the set and how much they appreciate the fans.

Some fun Quotes

  • You play ball like a girl !
  • You’re Killin Me Smalls !
  • For Eeevv Er !
  • It’s about time, Benny; my clothes are going out of style!

So where are the Sandlot Cast now….


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